Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I guess I can say I chose a pretty good title when I was thinking of a name for my blog...

Busy doesn't even cut it though. OVERWHELMED, maybe. Freaked the "F" Out... good possibility. Stressed?! You bet.

I started classes on Monday, and I already feel pressured and stressed. The only class I feel semi-comfortable with is my Computer Science class. I'm actually interested in it, and it doesn't seem like it will be very difficult. Engineering design also doesn't seem like it will be that tough. Physics though... holy crap. I "came out" to my physics teacher... I sent him an email and told him I'm scared to death of physics and I suck at math and that I honestly feel weird and out of place in a classroom full of younger kids/freshmen. He said he'd be happy to go over some practice problems with me and get me up to speed with the rest of the general population haha. I did the same for my Italian class... I LOVE my teacher, she is a sweet lady who is from Italy (not sure where) but she is super nice, and I mentioned to her that it's been about 9-10 years since I've taken Italian in high school so I do understand it a bit still, but I'm not that great at it. She is meeting me after class today, but I was very grateful. Bonus thing is I'm not the oldest student in that class... there is a woman who looks to be about my grandmother's age in there (no kidding!) and I sat next to her the first day, and she seems super nice.

I feel ahead of all these young'uns though... I can remember back in high school, or even the first 2 semesters of college I went to right after high school, how everyone was still in that frame of mind of cliques and not wanting to associate with the dorky/nerdy looking kids, etc. I know better. I'm going to sit by and get to know these nerds and utilize them to my advantage. We have some group projects in my comp sci and eng design classes, and I singled out the nerds on day one and I will get to know them over the next few weeks. It will only help me, right? I'm not hung up on looks or popularity or any of the other young BS college stuff... I'm not looking for a social life or invites to keg parties... I'm looking to complete my education and not suck at it. So for all of you youngsters out there, look past the old high tops, tight straight leg jeans, baggy sweatshirt that came from 1992, awkward haircuts, and glasses... those are what make up the incubator to the BRAIN full of massive helpful knowledge on the inside. THOSE kids are gonna be the ones making the big bucks after they walk across the stage and get that degree in their hands.

Grab on tight and hang on.

I just hope I can get over my slight awkwardness and organize myself and get this all going. I'm nervous because of our house buying process. I'm nervous about moving while going to school. I'm worried about the wedding. I had to re-evaluate when to plan our next baby... we were going to go with trying for a pregnancy this May, but we are going to wait til August or September because I don't want to deliver in the middle of a semester and miss classes and have to repeat them, and I want to spend time with the new baby. I'm thinking WAY too much and way too far ahead, but I like to have a rough idea of a plan!

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