Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been slacking on my blogging.

It's been busy. Maybe not physically busy, but mentally busy. I'm trying to keep things straight and organized but once in a while I lose my mind or just say screw it and blow things off because I can't handle the stress. I swear this first semester back in school is a rollercoaster of all kinds of proportions. Mental, emotional, physical, whatever. I have good days and bad days. I have bipolar days. Like yesterday for example... went all day at school feeling GREAT... got home and right before dinner it felt like stuff was unraveling and I was pissed off.

I guess I'm just checking in here. I'm at school again for another "Pizza My Mind" series and this week they have Northrop Grumman presenting. I'm still gunning for the NASA internship but I'm going to get some info with NG since Jon might unfortunately be out of the Navy soon unless they get their s*** together. They're playing puppetmasters right now and jerking him around on a string and can't give him any straight answers which sucks because I hate not knowing anything and being in limbo with decision-making.

Looks like it will be a pretty small turnout for this thing. Damn. Last week was kinda packed... I guess NASA is cooler??? Hmm. It makes me feel badly for the presenters in a sense, but maybe they don't really care because they're getting paid to be here anyway whether people show up or not, and I know they have great jobs, I just don't think the average partying college kid has any idea.

Now I'm rambling. I have Italian after this. I bombed the quiz we had in there Monday so I'm thinking I need to make myself some fabulous study aids, AKA index cards with vocab words. Woohoo.

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