Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Another week down in my college career. Last week was an odd one. This week is turning out to be not so bad. I am almost positive I will be bipolar when this semester is all said and done.

So far this week I got to retake the physics test I failed miserably at, which is awesome. I felt pretty good about it. Then I had Italian class on Monday but I'm starting to feel kinda wishy-washy on it. I NEED index cards and I NEED to review the new vocabulary words. I usually do really well learning new vocabulary, but throw in verb conjugations and we're gonna have some issues. Ack.

Monday night I had my 10 minute Power Point presentation for my Engineering Design class. I did my project on cloth diapers... pretty original, considering most of the other topics were crazy like nuclear fission reactors or railguns or different types of sailboats. I was surprised with myself even. Unfortunately, I only made it to a little over 8 minutes, but that was pretty good considering the first 2 people were REALLY short (like 5 and 6 minutes, respectively). I got a few laughs out of the audience. And in class we are all doing peer grading/reviews and at the end of class we are supposed to choose the best presentation of the evening. I was the best one Monday night, which means a lot coming from a class consisting mostly of males (I think there are about 26 guys and maybe 5 girls) and I got some compliments as people were leaving class. That made me feel really awesome... who would have thought a bunch of young college guys would find a presentation on cloth diapers to be interesting and *slightly* cool???

Last night I had our end of season Upward sports league celebration. My peewee cheerleading squad performed their short dance routine and our "funky chicken" cheer, which got more laughs. (In case you didn't notice, I enjoy making people laugh!) They did really well. I was SO proud of all of them!!! Really, it felt like I was their mom for a little bit lol. But I will really miss those crazy girls, they were a lot of fun. However, it will be nice to have my Tuesday nights back to myself again.

I found out last night that a guy in my Reserves drill unit was murdered over the weekend. I have dealt with the death of family and friends before, and even when I was on deployment in 2007 one of my shipmates passed away while we were out at sea which was crazy and strange, but I didn't know her personally so although it was sad to have lost a fellow sailor, I wasn't emotionally attached. It hits me weird because during drill 2 weekends ago, I was sitting with this guy and helping him spell words in an email he was sending to one of our chiefs, and joking around with him, and went and got lunch at the Naval hospital with him (and a bunch of other guys in our unit). I mean, it's not like we were best friends or anything, but to have known someone and they were just alive not that long ago and now they suffered a pretty horrific death is something different to digest. I think he had kids too, he wasn't much older than me.

From a sociological standpoint, I've noticed in different social situations that groups of people act very differently toward each other depending on the nature of the environment. Like when I go to drill, all the military people I encounter are very easy to talk to and you just seem to fall right into an easy friendship or relationship with them, I think because we are all sharing some kind of unspoken brotherhood and you know that if we were in any kind of crazy situation, the person you're sitting next to during training could very well be the person who saves your life. In school, I think a lot of the kids in my classes are still stuck in the high school mentality of looking cool or whatever, so based on looks alone (or if you open your mouth and speak) they are quick to judge right then and there and choose who they associate with that way. Annoying, yes. I wish I could understand why people act that way. I think after having been in the Navy I don't have much of a problem talking to random people. But this subject is neither here nor there and I could go on for a while about it.

Anyway... was just supposed to meet and work with my computer science lab partner on some Java pages for class, but looks like it's not happening, because neither one of us has our textbook for the class and we need it to complete the assignment. Dammit.

I guess if it's warmed up a bit I could go walk around campus for giggles...

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