Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I want to dedicate this post to my son.

Tyler Jon Lalonde.

Before having him, I honestly never knew how much capacity I had to love another person. Sure, I love my parents, my husband, my family SO MUCH. But my own child... it's a completely different kind of love. It's amazing. It's wonderful and astounding and fulfilling. It makes every day worth waking up for. It makes me truly cherish every single second I get to snuggle with him, or kiss those little chubby cheeks, or tickle his little toes, or feel him throw his little arms around me for a hug. Hearing him say "mama". Seeing his enormous grins. Feeling his pride when he accomplishes something.

I love this little boy SO MUCH.

I am in love with being a mother. I love spending time with my son, I love watching him learn and grow and discover things every day. I love to just sit on the couch with him snuggled up against me while we watch TV. Or when we chase each other around outside, or play with his Matchbox cars or build block towers or read or pretend. His life makes mine magical. This child is just 100% amazing and awesome.

Sure, when he gets angry or throws a tantrum sometimes I could just scream... but those moments are not often. I love when I go in his room in the mornings and he greets me with a big smile and a giggle. Or watching him blow kisses to my husband at night before he goes to bed... and later on before I go to bed, when I go check on him one last time and pull the blankets up and tuck him in. I would do anything for that boy.

I just love Tyler so much, and my heart feels so full because of him, and I want to blog about this right now. He is my world.

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