Monday, March 7, 2011


Today started out great until after I was done with physics class...

I had to go to the DMV to renew my car registration. Well, apparently I have a hold and cannot renew it because I owe property taxes to the city of Norfolk. I have never lived in the city of Norfolk, and not only that, but military are supposed to be exempt from paying property taxes on vehicals. Basically, I wasted an hour of my time waiting at the DMV to find all of this out. So I called the treasurer about that, and the lady said I need to fax or email her my last active duty LES and my DD214. Couldn't access my last active duty LES because the website took that option away from me for no particular reason, so I had to call DFAS and the lady said she could email me my last LES, but she can only send it to a military email address. Okay, cool. Next problem... my military ID is in my car, which Jon is driving today, so I cannot check my military email (I need the ID to put in the card reader I have at home attached to my computer in order to check my military email) so now this whole damn process is delayed AGAIN.

It just irritates the hell out of me that something that should not be a long drawn out process is getting more confusing and complicated than it has to be. I can't find the spare ink cartridges I bought for my printer a while ago, and I need to print out some important paperwork for Tyler's appointment tomorrow. I need to find a cheaper and closer daycare for him since his costs way too much and I am tired of driving back and forth to Hampton to take him there when I don't work or go to school there, it's a waste of my time and gas. I thought this week was going to start out well but here I am with a pile of stress on again.

I think I'm thinking too hard about us trying to get pregnant too... I have been tracking my cycle and taking my basal body temp every morning, peeing on ovulation sticks, observing other bodily functions that need not be mentioned in this blog... and I'm frustrated. I just wish getting pregnant were as easy as it was the first time when I got pregnant with Tyler, but this time I'm actually trying and it's frustrating me.

I'm irritated at Jon. I wish I wasn't, but he is bothering me, I don't want to talk about it here though.

So much for having a relaxing spring break last week... and having a nice fresh start to the new semester. I am ready to throw in the towel.

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